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Everything you need to know about the S2 Xpeed Demo Day 2024

What if 7 pioneering European startups in industrial technology joined the 80 attendees? What if those attendees came from investment funds, public institutions and companies interested in this field?

This is what happened on June 14 on the terrace of Norrsken Barcelona with the celebration of the S2 Xpeed Demo Day 2024. There, the startups of the second edition of our support program presented their innovative products to the industrial technology ecosystem of Barcelona and demonstrated an impressive evolution since the beginning of the program.

Curious to see how it all went? Check out this post to get all the details.

The S2 Xpeed Demo Day 2024 agenda

The Demo Day doors opened to the general public at 1:00 pm. From that time onwards, guests arrived at the terrace and were able to interact with the startups and get to know each other. The sun and the sea views made the meeting even more enjoyable.

At 14:45, the CEO of S2 Xpeed, Oriol Pascual, kicked off the pitches of the seven startups, which was received with excitement and interest by the audience.

The Clean-Tech 🍃 sector was led by the Nordic Clean Sea Solutions and the British Myneral Labs. Mobility 🚛 was represented by the Swiss 4QT and the Dutch LogiXair. Ercura Industrial Exoskeletons from Finland and SYGLASS from Poland opened the doors to Industry 4.0 ⚙️. Lastly, Mantiscope, the Turkish startup, represented the Med-Tech sector🩺.

Once finished, the startups had prepared some exhibitors where they showed their products to the public. Some of them brought mock-ups, such as 4QT and its model of electric motor for heavy vehicles. Others were able to bring their final product, such as Ercura, who brought a final sample of their exoskeleton. Thus, the final networking went on until 5 pm.
The hardware electronic engineer at SYGLASS, Volkan Demirci, showcasing its innovative photonic solutions.
The projects attracted the attention of the attendees, who left very positive assessments.  At the end of the day, Demo Days are crucial events that have the potential to significantly boost the development, funding and overall success of startups by providing them with a platform for exposure, validation and connection to the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. And if things are done right on both sides, success is assured.
The startups of the second cohort of our program together with the S2 Xpeed team.

Join the industrial Tech ecosystem

We couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who participated in this day. If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in this event, don’t worry!  Stay tuned to our social networks so you don’t miss any news about the industrial-tech ecosystem and our role in it. Further projects and events will follow. 

At S2 Xpeed, with passion and effort, we are creating the largest industrial technology ecosystem in Europe, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and corporations. Therefore, we remind you that we also help companies to find innovations, new technologies and organize specific programs. If you think we can help you with any of our services or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


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